[plt-scheme] Perplexed Programmers

From: Geoffrey S. Knauth (gknauth at sunlink.net)
Date: Thu Aug 30 13:50:19 EDT 2007

What would a Programmer's Apprentice do?  Which paper(s) didn't I  
read?  At first I thought it would give advice from a thoughtful  
perspective, but then it would be a Mentor.  Does the Programmer's  
Apprentice learn by watching us and anticipating our needs?

The Design Recipe gives us templates in the design process, such that  
programs nearly write themselves.  Can we make a library of structure  
and algorithm templates for DrScheme that can be called up at the  
press of a button?

There is lots of  useful code in PLaneT already, but you have to know  
it to use it well.  I wonder what kind of interface could ask me  
questions or analyze my code, then suggest libraries or patterns  
about which I was ignorant.  People who know data structures and  
algorithms inside out go through a thought process to compare and  
select strategies.  Could a PLT service be as smart?

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