[plt-scheme] Perplexed Programmers

From: Jos Koot (jos.koot at telefonica.net)
Date: Mon Aug 27 17:21:54 EDT 2007

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On Aug 27, 2007, at 5:12 AM, Jos Koot wrote:

> I don't think anyone or any particular isolated group is to blame

As a conservative person, I strongly believe in the responsibility of
the individual. This includes

  -- the student, but he's the least trained so the least to blame as
long as he works hard
  -- the teacher, who is a multiplier of 'thoughts' and 'training'
and thus has a large responsibility
  -- the programmer, who, like a surgeon or car mechanic, is
ultimately responsible for the product
  -- the manager, who has the responsibility to fit all pieces
together and think long-term

So I reject the idea of blaming an anonymous 'system' instead of the
participants. You may respond with 'how about the connectors' and I
will tell you that each person is responsible for some amount of
connectivity and the manager is responsible in principle.
You don't have to be conservative for this opinion :) I reacted on the your 
earlier saying that "the teachers are to blame". In the above context this 
sounds quite differently than without it.  Without the context I felt unhappy. I 
would like to add, though, that, when judging the responsibility of an invidual, 
her or his abilities and oppurtunities should be taken into account. Not 
everyone has the opportunity to choose all her/his own connectors at free will. 
I consider it possible that, to some extent, the 'anonymous system' of 
connectivity controls itself beyond the power of the building stones. I consider 
it possible that there is 'software' in the interconnections that escapes from 
control or even the consciousness of the hardware. I state this merely as a 
possibilty, but even if it were a known truth, it is my opinion that it does not 
contradict your statement, for I am an individual and therefore I must and 
cannot otherwise than act as an individual while participating in society.
Jos koot

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