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                     2007 Workshop on Scheme and
                        Functional Programming

               Freiburg, Germany --- 30 September 2007

Registration is now open.
The early registration deadline is September 7, 2007 (inclusive).
(Information taken on August 24.)

The preliminary programme follows.

Danny Dubé


   9.00 to  9.10: Welcome

   9.10 to 10.00: Session I
      Chairman: Marc Feeley

      Advanced Macrology and the Implementation of Typed Scheme
      Ryan Culpepper, Sam Tobin-Hochstadt, and Matthew Flatt

      Well-typed programs can't be blamed
      Philip Wadler and Robert Bruce Findler

  10.30 to 12.30: Session II
      Chairman: John Clements

      Generation-Friendly Eq Hash Tables
      Abdulaziz Ghuloum and R. Kent Dybvig

      Exceptional Continuations in JavaScript
      Florian Loitsch

      Software Transactions Meet First-Class Continuations
      Aaron Kimball and Dan Grossman

      Towards a Portable and Mobile Scheme Interpreter
      Adrien Piérard and Marc Feeley

      Applications of Fold to XML Transformation
      Andy Wingo

  14.00 to 15.30: Poster Session

      \alpha Kanren - A Fresh Name in Nominal Logic Programming
      William E. Byrd and Daniel P. Friedman

      A Formal Rewriting Logic Semantic Definition of Scheme
      Patrick Meredith, Mark Hills, and Grigore Rosu

      Toward abstract profiling
      Nguyen-Minh Bui

      Deriving a Comprehensive Document from a Concise Document -
      Document Engineering in Scheme
      Kurt Noermark

      Gannet: a Scheme for Task-level Reconfiguration of
      Service-based Systems-on-Chip
      Wim Vanderbauwhede

      Implementing Language-Dependent Lexicographic Orders in Scheme
      Jean-Michel Hufflen

  16.00 to 17.30: Discussion related to R6RS
      Chairman: Mitchell Wand

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