[plt-scheme] Perplexed Programmers

From: Jos Koot (jos.koot at telefonica.net)
Date: Sun Aug 26 11:54:00 EDT 2007

Hi Matthias,
I dont think so, but that has low value for I was a teacher myself. As a manager 
is inclined to think that management is perfect, I am inclined to think that 
education is perfect. Science as we do it nowadays is not very old, a mere few 
centuries. I have been disapointed sometimes in my life, but science (and music, 
but that is another topic)  have not. They are aspects of our society with a 
good deal of self criticism and hence giving a feel of honesty. Although it can 
sometimes be difficult to acquire funds for honest scientific or educational 
projects, sicence has always been able to acquire these funds. A question that 
shoud be asked is (IMHO): Should we accept funds of organisations when we can be 
sure that the goals of the funding organisation contradict those of science. I 
realy don;'t know.
Your grateful pupil Jos, if I may call me that way.

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> On Aug 25, 2007, at 11:39 PM, Todd O'Bryan wrote:
>> I think the consulting firm and the software firm need to be sued  out of 
>> existence by the people whose credit ratings have been  ruined and hours of 
>> whose lives have been wasted by their  incompetence. If doctors, lawyers, or 
>> engineers had shown such  gross incompetence, they'd lose their licenses.
> Todd, do you think that we should also sue the teachers of these 
>  programmers? -- Matthias
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