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From: Jos Koot (jos.koot at telefonica.net)
Date: Sat Aug 25 13:04:30 EDT 2007

Sorry, forgot to include PLT list on adressees.

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> Manager: you are overdue on your time schedule. The delivery was scheduled for 
> three month ago.
> Skilled programmer: I know, but I six month ago I asked some clarifications on 
> the specs, but up to now I received none.
> Manager: The specs are clear and right, for I made them myself.
> Skilled programmer lookes unconvinced.
> Manager: What do you have got so far?
> Skilled programmer: I have some working code, but since the specs are self 
> contradicting, the code is too.
> Manager: Why didn't you tel me earlier? We release it at once.
> Skilled programmer: But, ...
> Manager: If you have buts you can consider yourself fired.
> Skilled programmer thinking: for himself:: His salary is more important than 
> the quatlity of the products we deliver.
> Skilled programmer thinking for himself: But I have a family to suport; what 
> can I do about it?
> We: Ignore incompetent management. Make a front. An incompetent manager can 
> acheive nothing when being ignored by the skilled ones.
> Jos Koot
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>>A tenth of a billion dollars was spent on a payroll system that  doesn't work 
>>because "complicated, varied job assignments and pay  scales have perplexed 
>>computer programmers."
>> http://www.latimes.com/news/local/la-me-payroll25aug25,0,630079.story? 
>> track=mostviewed-storylevel
>> As computers and computer science mature, these stories (and my own  trivial 
>> experiences) get worse.  What's going wrong?
>> Oh, never mind.  This forum is for cheerier topics... like what kind  of Mean 
>> Scheme Machine could be built for the 37M$ that will be spent  on fixing the 
>> 95M$ problem.
>> rac
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