[plt-scheme] modifying preferences from a collection .plt

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Mon Aug 20 13:19:05 EDT 2007

On Aug 20, Arjun Guha wrote:
> [ Sorry for duplicates, if any. ]
> I'd like to add a few entries to "define-like keywords" and "lambda-
> like keywords" when my .plt file is installed.  I tried to do so by
> specifying a post-installer in my info.ss.  To manipulate the
> preferences file, I required (lib "framework.ss" "framework").
> However, this gives me the following error when I run setup-plt:
> > setup-plt:   setup-plt: error loading installer: dynamic-require: unknown module: #%mred-kernel; need to run in MrEd instead of MzScheme
> [...]
> (module post-installer mzscheme
>   (provide post-installer)
>   (require
>    (lib "list.ss")
>    (lib "framework.ss" "framework"))

1. Your problem is that last line -- you need mred to use the whole
   framework collection.  IIRC, Robby changed a few things around so
   that the preferences part of the framework is available without
   mred too (as a result of me running into the same problem you do).

2. Eventually, I concluded that using setup-plt is bogus, and the
   proper place to do that is when the tool initialies.  I now do it
   in the second phase of the tool -- see my csu660 sources, at the
   bottom of "langs.ss".

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