[plt-scheme] Re: 370.6 segmentation fault

From: Jankes (m.yankee at gmail.com)
Date: Fri Aug 17 16:22:24 EDT 2007

On Jul 26, 3:07 pm, Matthew Flatt <mfl... at cs.utah.edu> wrote:


>  0. Does
>      /usr/bin/mred -N /usr/bin/drscheme -ZjmvqL- drscheme.ss drscheme
>                                           ^--- added "j" to disable JIT
>     fail in the same way?

Hi, everyone!

I've had the same problem on my gentoo (2.6.20). The above execution
method, to my surprise, solved it! I then tried to learn the meaning
of "-j" switch, but it isn't documented anywhere in the manuals(I've
built plt-scheme from the gentoo portage). Could you enlighten me in
that matter?

I mean, what IS the "JIT", how does it affect the use of drscheme and
(how) can the issue be solved so that drscheme is run without the "-j"

By the way, the tests you've suggested:

>  1. Does running
>       mzscheme -qr ..../collects/tests/mzq.ss
>     fail any tests (where "...." is the path to the main "collects"
>     directory)?

failed at 'deep' by timeout.

Thanks in advance,
Mike "Jankes" Janke

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