[plt-scheme] Implementing web services

From: Isaac Raway (isaac.raway at gmail.com)
Date: Tue Aug 14 00:08:47 EDT 2007

xml-rpc looked like exactly what I need, though I haven't had much  
time to work on this and my slow progress isn't helping. I figure  
it's time to ask why this isn't working. I've set up the sample  
servlet and client as follows:


> (module math mzscheme
>   (require (planet "xmlrpc-module-servlet.ss"
>                    ("schematics" "xmlrpc.plt" 2)))
>   (provide interface-version manager timeout start)
>   (define (add x y) (+ x y))
>   (add-handler 'math.add add)
>   )


> (module add_client mzscheme
>   (require (planet "xmlrpc.ss" ("schematics" "xmlrpc.plt" 2 1)))
>   (provide (all-defined))
>   (define math (xmlrpc-server "localhost:8080/servlets/math.ss"  
> 8080 "RPC2"))
>   (define add (math "math.add"))
>   (add 1 1)
>   )

The xmlrpc-server call seems very wrong to me, but it's the only way  
I could get even close. By 'close' I mean that it causes an error on  
the server, which returns a HTTP 500 and prints this on the terminal  
running plt-web-server as a background process:

> Servlet didn't load:
> open-input-file: cannot open input file: "/Applications/PLT Scheme  
> v370/collects/web-server/default-web-root/./servlets/math.ss: 
> 8080" (No such file or directory; errno=2)
> === context ===
> /Applications/PLT Scheme v370/collects/mred/private/snipfile.ss: 
> 253:2: build-input-port
> /Applications/PLT Scheme v370/collects/mred/private/snipfile.ss: 
> 207:2: text-editor-load-handler
> /Applications/PLT Scheme v370/collects/web-server/dispatchers/ 
> dispatch-servlets.ss:308:4: load-servlet/path
> /Applications/PLT Scheme v370/collects/web-server/dispatchers/ 
> dispatch-servlets.ss:291:4: reload-servlet-script
> ...ivate/cache-table.ss:38:46
> /Applications/PLT Scheme v370/collects/web-server/private/cache- 
> table.ss:30:11
> cache-table-lookup!
> select-handler/no-breaks
> select-handler/no-breaks
> select-handler/no-breaks
> dispatcher?
> dispatcher?
> /Applications/PLT Scheme v370/collects/web-server/private/dispatch- 
> server-unit.ss:67:10: connection-loop

If I define math as (define math (xmlrpc-server "http://localhost: 
8080/servlets/math.ss")) which seems to be valid, I get the following  
error in DrScheme from the client:

> "protocol.ss" broke the contract
>   (case->
>     (-> url? bytes? input-port?)
>     (-> url? bytes? (listof string?) input-port?))
> on post-impure-port; expected <url?>, given: "http://localhost:8080/ 
> servlets/math.ss"

I feel like I need a bit too much hand holding, but any tips would be  


On Aug 10, 2007, at 9:09 AM, Noel Welsh wrote:

> On 8/9/07, Isaac Raway <isaac.raway at gmail.com> wrote:
>> To clarify, this is different from the recent request for how to go
>> about generating a website. What I'm looking for is a way to
>> implement, say, a module, export some procedures from it, and have
>> those accessible through a stub object on the client side or directly
>> called by the view of the dynamic web interface.
> You might be interested in the xml-rpc library on Planet.  For more
> general information check out our recent experience report, linked
> from http://www.untyped.com/untyping
> HTH,
> Noel

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