[plt-scheme] Why not simpler contracts?

From: Henk Boom (lunarc.lists at gmail.com)
Date: Wed Aug 8 01:41:40 EDT 2007

Hi, I'd been using the contracts.ss library for a while. I don't mean
any offence, but I find them almost completely unreadable =(. I know
that obviously a lot of effort has gone into this library, but why was
this particular syntax decided on?

In any case, I've been playing around with some simple pre-post
condition macros, and I've managed to come up with something which
lets you specify a procedure like this:

(define my-sqrt
  (lambda/pp (x)
    ((real? x) (>= x 0))
     (or (and (< x 1) (> result x))
         (and (> x 1) (< result x))))
    (sqrt x)))

> (my-sqrt 'a)
precondition failed:  (real? x)

 === context ===
stdin::19: my-sqrt

> (my-sqrt -1)
precondition failed:  (>= x 0)

 === context ===
stdin::19: my-sqrt

> (my-sqrt 9)
> (my-sqrt 0.25)
> (my-sqrt 1)
postcondition failed:  (or (and (< x 1) (> result x)) (and (> x 1) (<
result x)))

 === context ===
stdin::19: my-sqrt

(The error messages are more helpful with errortrace =)

I like this because I find it to be a very clear and simple syntax,
though I admit it falls short in a couple of areas (returning multiple
values for one). Does anyone have any comments?

In case you're interested, here's the code. Don't be too tough on it,
though improvements are welcome. I'm still a macro noob =).

(module private-pp mzscheme

  (provide lambda/pp-full)
  (define-syntax lambda/pp-full
    (syntax-rules ()
      ((lambda/pp-full args preconditions () . body)
        (lambda args
          (do-conditions "precondition" . preconditions)
          (begin . body)))
      ((lambda/pp-full args preconditions (result . postconditions) . body)
        (lambda args
          (do-conditions "precondition" . preconditions)
          (let ((result (begin . body)))
            (do-conditions "postcondition" . postconditions)

  (provide lambda/pp-pre-only)
  (define-syntax lambda/pp-pre-only
    (syntax-rules ()
      ((lambda/pp-pre-only args preconditions post-stuff . body)
        (lambda/pp-full args preconditions () . body))))

  (provide lambda/pp-none)
  (define-syntax lambda/pp-none
    (syntax-rules ()
      ((lambda/pp-none args preconditions post-stuff . body)
        (lambda/pp-full args () () . body))))

  (define-syntax do-conditions
    (syntax-rules ()
      ((do-contitions str)
      ((do-conditions str ())
      ((do-conditions str cond1)
        (if (not cond1)
          (error (format "~a failed: " str) 'cond1)
      ((do-conditions str cond1 . conds)
        (begin (do-conditions str cond1)
               (do-conditions str . conds)))))

  ) ;; end module

(module pp-full mzscheme
  (require "private-pp.ss")

  (provide (rename lambda/pp-full lambda/pp))

  ) ;; end module

(I also have pp-pre-only and pp-none modules, useful for speed or to
preserve tail recursion)

    Henk Boom

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