[plt-scheme] Dracula unleashed on Planet

From: Carl Eastlund (cce at ccs.neu.edu)
Date: Mon Aug 6 16:18:36 EDT 2007

Prepare your garlic, silver, and wooden stakes.  I've just released
Dracula (the language level for ACL2 programming and theorem proving
in DrScheme) to the Planet server.  For those who are unfamiliar, ACL2
is an automated theorem prover based on Applicative Common Lisp;
Dracula adds the DrScheme IDE and graphical teachpacks to ACL2.  Since
its last (manually downloadable) release, Dracula has been updated for
DrScheme 370, and includes a number of bug fixes and updates.

If you're interested in finding out more about Dracula, check out:

If you're curious about ACL2 and automated theorem proving, check out:

Carl Eastlund

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