[plt-scheme] full-expanded syntax and internal definitions

From: Dave Herman (dherman at ccs.neu.edu)
Date: Sun Aug 5 13:49:03 EDT 2007

>> 3. It appears that "fully-expanded" does not necessarily mean that all 
>> macro definitions are removed. Presumably this is because-- thanks to 
>> the presence of local-expand-- more macro expansion may occur on 
>> fully-expanded syntax?
> If the macro is exported from the module then the macro definition is
> still needed.

This isn't true of local macro definitions, though, is it? I could 
imagine a macro local-expanding something with local macro definitions 
inside, then replacing the body with something that invokes the local 
macro, and re-expanding, in which case you'd still need the local macro 
definition. But I don't see how another module can do anything with a 
local macro.


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