[plt-scheme] DrScheme top five new user feature list

From: Grant Rettke (grettke at acm.org)
Date: Sun Aug 5 12:23:29 EDT 2007

Recently I read through all of the default DrScheme key command bindings.

There are some quite useful entries in here.

The following is my top five list of features that every user new to
DrScheme should learn about "pretty quickly" to ensure more
pleasurable hacking.

1. Navigate among s-expressions
	- Move the cursor between s-expressions within a given s-expression
	- meta arrows
	- Add shift to make selections

2. Navigate among words
	- Move the cursor among words
	- control arrows
	- Add shift to make selections

3. Insert pairs of operators
	- "", (), [], {}, ||, or lambda template (lambda () )
	- meta shift (desired char), or (m:s:l) or (ESC;s:l) for lambda template
	- Combine with selection to safely wrap s-expressions during refactoring
	- For example, select an expression, insert a pair, that pair gets
inserted around the selection you just made

4. Tabs
	- control = opens a new tab
	- control page up or page down moves between tabs

5. Editors
	- control m splits the editor
	- control r collapses the editor
	- control d toggles editor hiding
	- control e toggles REPL hiding
	- control f6 toggle-focus-between-definitions-and-interactions window

What am I missing?

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