[plt-scheme] String functions in Dr. Scheme

From: Ethan Herdrick (info at reatlas.com)
Date: Mon Apr 30 02:50:30 EDT 2007

I much prefer using the documentation on the web rather than the help
desk.  I have these two on my bookmarks toolbar in Firefox :

1:  http://download.plt-scheme.org/doc/360/html/mzscheme/  (You'll
especially want to look here:

2:  http://download.plt-scheme.org/doc/mzlib/mzlib.html (You'll
especially want this:

I use string-append a lot, but I'm not sure where exactly it comes
from (apparently  MzScheme) nor do I know where its documentation is.

Good luck.

On 4/28/07, jmcaxolotl at gmail.com <jmcaxolotl at gmail.com> wrote:
> I have some experience with Common Lisp and emacs' elisp, but am new
> to Scheme.  I'm trying to fool around with some functions I wrote in
> elisp, that need to be able to map the characters in a string to their
> numerical places in the alphabet.  It's no great surprise that string
> handling is utterly different in Scheme than it is in elisp, but I'm
> not finding the docs on just what string-handling functions are
> defined in Dr. Scheme.  And of course, at what language level I have
> to be in order to get at them.
> Maybe I just need a pointer to the right doc page?  Which is a little
> surprising, because mostly the PLT web interface looks remarkably
> complete and well thought-out.
> -jmc
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