[plt-scheme] namespace-variable-value

From: Noel Welsh (noelwelsh at gmail.com)
Date: Fri Apr 27 12:17:38 EDT 2007

I'm sure you'll get an accurate answer in time.  In the meantime, my
guess is that is has to do with a difference between top-level and
module level defined variables.  Sorry I don't have time to fully
diagnose the problem.


On 4/27/07, support at taxupdate.com <support at taxupdate.com> wrote:
> Based on my understanding of the section "8.3 Namespace Utilities" from the
> docs, I was expecting the following to print a "1":
> (module lang mzscheme
>   (provide (all-defined)
>            (all-from mzscheme))
>   (define f 1))
> (module test lang
>   (provide (all-defined))
>   (define (test1)
>     (display (namespace-variable-value 'f))))
> (require test)
> (test1)     ;; "namespace-variable-value: f is not defined"
> Why doesn't the call to namespace-variable-value in module test succeed?
> Wayne

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