[plt-scheme] Versioning problems

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Mon Apr 23 04:58:23 EDT 2007

On Apr 23, a_fasano at hotmail.com wrote:
> If this should be the case it will suffice to insert a delay in the
> second run as to let the system fully free the resource. I tried to
> increase sleep time in winvers.ss from 1 to 10, but this proved no
> success.

Another thing to try (adjust times as you need):

* Increase the delay in the second process (the (equal? argv #("patch"))
  case) to a minute

* Also add a delay in the first case (the (equal? argv #()) case)
  before it prints "re-launching first time"

* Use your monitor tools to see that there is no mzscheme process, and
  that no process holds the dll

* Start the winvers process

* During the first minute make sure that there is a single mzscheme
  process, and that its the only one that holds the dll

* After the second process fires up you should see that the first
  process terminates and that the second process is the only one
  holding the dll.

At this point you might have more information about what's going

One more bit: it sounds like you're doing this with visual studio --
do you quit before running winvers?  (If not, then I wouldn't be
surprised if devstudio holds on to something.)

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