[plt-scheme] newbie installation problem on kubuntu edgy

From: Ronny (plt-scheme at develo.biz)
Date: Sun Apr 22 04:01:40 EDT 2007

I'm actually reading the first chapter as we speak :)
And I'm getting my 12 year old niece started as well.
Yes, it looks very promising!

Daniel Yoo wrote:
>> Thanks everyone for all your responses to my very simple problem :) I 
>> already have a good feeling about my choice of Scheme version. 
>> Hopefully when I will actually start programming I can repay the 
>> favors by helping other newbies :)
> Hi Ronny,
> Just to make sure in case you haven't heard the recommendation yet: 
> the book "How to Design Programs" is excellent and is particularly 
> well integrated with DrScheme.  If you haven't looked at it, you 
> probably should.  The text is available for free on the web:
>     http://htdp.org/
> Good luck!

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