[plt-scheme] How get enviroment

From: wwall (wwall at yandex.ru)
Date: Tue Apr 17 05:15:01 EDT 2007

Hello plt-scheme,

  I have code
(define Z '((append-var moduleScope "x1")
 (append-var globalScope (create-var "???????"))
 (append-var moduleScope (create-var "??4"))
 (append-var globalScope (create-var "??????1")))
(define globalScope (create-scope "Global" null))
    ((moduleScope (create-scope "ModuleScope" globalScope)))
     (map (lambda (x)
     (eval x))
but on (eval x) i have error - reference to undefined identifier:
How I can correct this mistake?
Best regards,
 wwall                          mailto:wwall at yandex.ru

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