[plt-scheme] MrEd Graphics Questions

From: Williams, M. Douglas (M.DOUGLAS.WILLIAMS at saic.com)
Date: Sun Apr 15 19:18:41 EDT 2007

Thanks to both Matthew and Geoffrey.  I will try the next build on my Ubuntu machine.


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At Sun, 15 Apr 2007 06:51:05 -0700, "Williams, M. Douglas" wrote:
> Matthew Flatt wrote:
> >That was it, thanks.  I'd used rsync to copy over the svn tree from  
> >Mac to Ubuntu.  I thought I'd deleted the old source tree on the  
> >Ubuntu side first, but I had only deleted /usr/local/plt.  My build  
> >and install on AMD64 / Ubuntu 6.10 now succeed.
> >
> >When running 369.8-svn6apr2007 [3m] in Graphical language, I don't  
> >get the undefined __stack_chk_fail_local symbol that Doug Williams  
> >and you saw.  I built DrScheme with --enable-shared.

No, I didn't write that. It was Geoffrey, who had run into different

Meanwhile, in a different message, I wrote that I saw the
__stack_chk_fail_local problem on my machine. The problem is now fixed
in SVN: for all but a few Unix variants, `mzc' (actually "link.ss" in
"dynext") now uses `cc' as the default linker instead of `ld'. The
"plot" examples now work for me under Ubuntu without using


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