[plt-scheme] Re: Post a HTML file

From: Laurent (Ouaibou at gmail.com)
Date: Sun Apr 15 15:42:25 EDT 2007


I have a little problem.
When i use hyper-frame with a local file, this code don't perform :

(require (lib "browser.ss" "browser"))

(define f (new hyper-frame%
                [label "Demo"]
                [start-url (string-append "file://" (path->string
(normalize-path "doc/index.html")))]
                [width 400]
                [height 300]))

I have this error :
normalize-path: #<path:/Users/laurentp/Desktop/Casse Brique/Users>
(within the input path) is not a directory or does not exist

I don't understand why the path is changed :
"/Users/laurentp/Desktop/Casse Brique/Users"

The absolu path is :
"file:///Users/laurentp/Desktop/Casse Brique/doc/index.html"

And the code is on a file located here :
"/Users/laurentp/Desktop/Casse Brique/doc.scm"

Someone understand my problem ?


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