[plt-scheme] complile-file and debugging

From: jos koot (jos.koot at telefonica.net)
Date: Sun Apr 8 20:47:21 EDT 2007

This applies to DrScheme, version 369.8-svn5apr2007 [3m].

Can I trust that the standard current-eval and procedure compile-file do not include debugging code when debugging is disabled in the choose-language dialog? Is the debug option propagated when code being evaluated or compiled involves other applications of the standard current-eval and procedure compile-file? I looked into the docs, but found no explicit info on this matter.

I found that when using language mzscheme without debugging, opening a file starting with (module ... sets the language for that file to (module ...) with the debug option enabled. Therefore I wonder what compile-file does when called from mzscheme without debugging for a file containing a module.

In short, how can I make sure that either all code is debugged or none of the code is debugged?

Jos Koot

(((((lambda(x)((((((((x x)x)x)x)x)x)x)x))
    (lambda(x)(lambda(y)(x(x y)))))
  (lambda()(printf "Greetings, Jos~n"))))
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