[plt-scheme] How to get a list of installed fonts?

From: Kyle Smith (airfoil at bellsouth.net)
Date: Thu Apr 5 13:24:03 EDT 2007

Hi folks,

I've built a MrEd GUI app that looks terrific on my Mac, but when I bring it to
my XP box the fonts don't work.  So I want to implement a font selection dialog
box; preferably just calling the system's own font dialog box.  I've scoured the
MrEd manual and all I can come up with are functions that work with a font
directory which allows you to choose a font that best matches a font that you
already had in mind.  I'd much rather the user be able to have complete control
over the style of their fonts, and to do that I need a complete list of all
existing fonts on the system.

I searched the source code, and  found  some low  level  C  stuff  that  looked
 like it  populated a  list of fonts.  Do we have access to this list from
Scheme?  I was trying to find the code for the preferences box in DrScheme, but
I must be blind because I couldn't find it.  Or does DrScheme's source code come
with the full install?  Anyway, if anyone knows a system independent way of
getting the user's system's installed fonts, so I can construct a dialog box to
select from I would surely appreciate it.



Kyle Smith
airfoil at bellsouth dot net

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