[plt-scheme] Re: The sqlid PLT package

From: Hans Oesterholt-Dijkema (hans at oesterholt.net)
Date: Tue Apr 3 13:23:11 EDT 2007

Hi Karsten,

Arch! We definitely need a different MySQL driver for
sqlid. There should be one created on basis of the FFI
or a networking variant!

The FFI variant poses problems, because the C API of
mysql is blocking and provides no asynchronous ways
of querying the database. Now, if I could run certain
functions in a 'FFI-C-async' block, i.e. blocking the
current mzscheme thread, but not blocking the rest, that
would be great. However, currently there's no such

An other way is accessing MySQL using the network
protocol. There's some code written for scheme48/scsh
that does this. However, I currently don't have much
time coding on database drivers.


Karsten Patzwaldt schreef:
> Hi.
> I'm currently struggeling with getting the sqlid package compiled on
> my computer (it's a Mac OS X machine, but the same problem appears on
> our FreeBSD servers). The problem is that the MySQL packages installed
> here require libz.so or libz.a to be linked against the binary that
> uses libmysqlclient.a.
> I figured out that putting that dependency in pre-installer.ss would
> fix the problem, but I'm not familiar enough with the PLT package
> system to figure out how to re-run the compilation process with
> deleting the source tree in the cache.
> Would you mind adding that dependecy to the packet on PlaneT? And if
> not, let me know how to manually start compilation of a downloaded and
> unpacked PlaneT package?
> Thanks,
> Karsten

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