[plt-scheme] Learning to use MrEd

From: Jens Axel Søgaard (jensaxel at soegaard.net)
Date: Fri Sep 22 11:15:43 EDT 2006

David Gurvich skrev:
 > In trying to learn how MrEd is used, I have run into a problem with
 > the documentation.  The introduction is quite good and has good
 > examples of how to create a frame and buttons, but for the rest I've
 > understood better by searching the drscheme source code.
 > Does anyone have short examples that show an input field and/or
 > highlighting and right-click pop-up menus?

There are some GUI recipes in the Cookbook.


It would be a appreciated, if you contributed a menu example.

Jens Axel Søgaard

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