[plt-scheme] MzScheme on the alioth benchmarks

From: Ewan Higgs (ewan_higgs at yahoo.co.uk)
Date: Mon Sep 18 11:04:59 EDT 2006

Cheap concurrency is a fairly hot topic if
programming.reddit.com and the suprising popularity of
Erlang blogs as of late. I took a quick glance at the
MzScheme scores on the Alioth benchmarks[1] to compare
it with Python (a popular scripting language) and
noticed that MzScheme wasn't doing so well.

Has anyone looked into this before? If so, do they
happen to know if it's a compiler issue? Would it be
possible to try porting Termite to MzScheme and use a
Termite implementation to boost the score?

If it involved compiler changes, I anticipate it would
be a lot of work.

I tried a Google search over the mailing list archives
to make sure this isn't something covered again and
again, so please forgive me if I'm kicking a dead

Warm regards,


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