[plt-scheme] Looking for a BerkeleyDB interface

From: Noel Welsh (noelwelsh at yahoo.com)
Date: Wed Sep 6 11:19:20 EDT 2006

--- Jefferson Heard <heard at duvel.ir.iit.edu> wrote:

> I saw some references in 2003 to someone working on this,
> but it doesn't 
> show up in PLaneT. 

Possibly me.  I never finished it.

> I was wondering if anyone's done any
> work on this, 
> or if there's some more Schemely alternative to it, such
> as a native 
> Scheme B-Tree database implementation.  Otherwise -- is
> there a tutorial 
> out there on foreign.ss other than the manual?

Try the Scheme Cookbook (www.schemecookbook.org) for some
more examples.  Otherwise look at the examples included in
with PLT Scheme (collects/foreign/examples IIRC) or, say,
the SQLite driver.


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