[plt-scheme] web server in 352?

From: Rob Norris (rnorris at gemini.edu)
Date: Mon Sep 4 02:09:57 EDT 2006

Hi guys, this may be a known issue, but the "PLT Web Server  
Configuration Management" servlet doesn't quite work in 352 ... "Add  
Host" and the other buttons on that page fail with an arity exception.

   Servlet exception:
   procedure make-paths: expects 7 arguments, given 6: "conf"
     "/Users/rnorris/Applications/PLT Scheme v352/collects/web-server/ 
     "log" "htdocs" "." "passwords"

Thanks everyone for all your hard work on PLT Scheme. As a body of  
work it is really quite remarkable and it's a blast to work with.



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