[plt-scheme] DivaScheme on DrScheme 352.6 won't install (fwd)

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Tue Oct 31 09:41:01 EST 2006

On Oct 31, Kyle Smith wrote:
> [...]
> #<path:C:\Documents and Settings\kyle\Application Data\PLT 
> Scheme\352.6\collects>

This is the right place for them.

> [...] but when it went to compile the package it looked for the
> files in my: current-library-collection-paths ->
> (#<path:C:\Program\PLT\collects>) directory and failing to find the
> installed files, aborted the installation.

I don't know how you ran things, but the above shouldn't happen: it
should have your user-specific collects tree (the above path) on the
search path.  If you have exact steps that can reproduce this, then
please submit a bugreport.

> [...] Then I tried moving the files from my user directory directly
> into my current-library-collection-paths directory, however, the
> installer, now finding the files complained about a conflict with a
> previous installation.

This is also strange -- if it had a conflict, then there was some
other library with the same directory name installed somewhere.  Like
if you copied the files instead of moving.  Or maybe you have more
than a single PLT installation and you're mixing the tools from the

> [...]  Then, while researching tools for a unrelated project, I ran
> into a program called setup.ss in the Help Desk, located in
> collects\setup.  Reading the doc.txt file it looked like it might do
> the trick, since it's capable of recompiling your entire collects
> directory tree, or just a single package.
> Solution:
> 1) Loaded setup.ss into definition window
> 2) (require setup) from interactive window
> 3) Restart DrScheme

If you look at the contents of "info.ss" in the setup directory, you
will see that your steps should be exactly the same as running `Setup
PLT', because that executable uses "setup.ss".  I cannot think why it
would make a difference to run it from DrScheme as you did, except for
running executables from two different installations (maybe).

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