[plt-scheme] Unbound variable in module error with SWIG

From: SUNGMIN CHO (sm.cho at mac.com)
Date: Sun Oct 29 18:48:51 EST 2006

With mzscheme, by using swig  I could generate function 'fact' and use
(load-extension "example.dylib")
(display (fact 3))

In order to generate standalone app, I had to use module.

(module testit mzscheme
(load-extension "example.dylib")
(display (fact 3))

But I got "compile: unbound variable in module in: fact".

I tried to copy the example.dylib to the "specific" directory by
following the advice at

Once you've made that change put x.so in
the  directory given by
   (build-path dir "compiled" "native"

But the result of mzsheme is.

 > (build-path dir "compiled" "native" (system-library-subpath))

reference to undefined identifier: dir
So, I don't know where to copy the .dylib file.

What might be wrong?

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