[plt-scheme] check-syntax and local in Intermediate Student w/lambda

From: Prabhakar Ragde (plragde at uwaterloo.ca)
Date: Fri Oct 27 13:34:58 EDT 2006

When I type in the code from exercise 18.2.2 in HtDP (insertion sort 
with locally defined "sort" and "insert" functions), hit "Check Syntax" 
(in v352, language set to Intermediate Student w/lambda), and hover over 
the "insert" in (define (insert ...) ...), I don't get an arrow pointing 
anywhere. In fact, none of the occurrences of "insert" get me an arrow. 
When I hover over "sort" in (define (sort ...) ...), I get an arrow to 
the use of "sort" in the local body, but not to the recursive call 
within the definition. Why not? Thanks. --PR

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