[plt-scheme] keyboard input (esp. non-U.S.): testing help needed, all platforms

From: Matthew Flatt (mflatt at cs.utah.edu)
Date: Tue Oct 24 20:23:18 EDT 2006

We have improved the way that keyboard events are handled in MrEd and
DrScheme, especially for menu shortcuts. The latest changes went into
SVN yesterday, so they're all included in the latest pre-release build.

We also plan a new release soon, so now would be a great time to help
us out with testing (using SVN or a pre-release build of 252.8).
Version 352 went out with a particularly annoying bug that made some
standard shortcuts inaccessible to some Mac users, and we'd like to
avoid that kind of problem this time around.

Your help is especially appreciated you use a keyboard other than a
standard U.S. layout, or if you type in languages other than English.

Some things to test:

 * Can you enter characters the various scripts that you use?

   If the characters are supposed to form words that read
   right-to-left, or if they're supposed to join into ligatures, we
   know that the direction will be wrong or the ligatures won't form.
   But DrScheme should at least work to the point that you can enter
   the "characters".

 * Can you get to all the menu shortcuts? (Ctl-\ and Ctl-' may be a
   problem; see below.)

 * Do non-menu editor keystrokes work, such as the ones for Scheme

Send problem reports to me (good), to this list (better), or as a bug
report (best). To avoid redundant effort, I'll post here to keep
everyone informed about reported problems. Act now, and be the first on
your block to claim a bug!

Send non-problem reports to me, so we know how much is actually tested.

Some notes on recent changes:

Under Mac OS X, Chinese/Japanese/Korean input should now work, as well
as input for other scripts that effectively require support for Unicode
input. The Mac character palette should work. As on other platforms, we
rely on the external, system-supplied input window for composing CJK

Under Windows and X, a menu shortcut like Ctl-\ matches only when Alt
is *not* pressed, so that typing a character with AltGr is not
misinterpreted as a shortcut. For example, typing \ on a Danish keyword
should now insert \ instead of λ. Unfortunately, this change means that
the Ctl-\ shortcut is impossible to type on a Danish keyboard; in the
long run, we'll look for ways to avoid shortcut characters in DrScheme
that can't work for everyone. I think \ and ' are the only problem
shortcuts in DrScheme, currently.

Thanks in advance for your help,

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