[plt-scheme] (require... ) expanded from a macro

From: Dan Muresan (danmbox at gmail.com)
Date: Sat Oct 21 22:09:29 EDT 2006

Right. Thank you Matthew. Using that bit of code and the SRFI-0
reference implementation, I was able to put together the attached
ocs-fix.scm module. Mind you, I only use SRFI-0 to discriminate
between implementations (i.e. SISC vs Chicken vs PLT etc).

Now, back to fighting a losing battle: Jens, your suggestion of
including the plain main.scm inside a run-plt.scm wrapper works, but
has a fatal flaw: it won't let me use "Check Syntax" and other PLT
goodies on main.scm.

What works in PLT is adding (require "plt-fix.scm") at the top of
main.scm. That way I can use the IDE features.

However, (require ...) throws off other implementations. Of course, if
PLT had SRFI-0 built-in, I could just say

(cond-expand (plt (require "plt-fix.scm")))

and live with one codebase.

Tell me again why this behavior cannot be implemented in PLT? Surely
PLT "knows its own name". If this behaviour can be emulated by a
"user-space" macro, surely it could be supported natively.

Even a simple (eval-when-plt) built-in would help. Then again, I don't
expect that this message will make much of a difference...

-- Dan
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