[plt-scheme] symbols redefined in SRFIs

From: Dan Muresan (danmbox at gmail.com)
Date: Mon Oct 23 09:22:28 EDT 2006

> (module mzscheme2 mzscheme
>    (require (prefix srfi: (lib "1.ss" "srfi"))
>    (provide (all-from-except mzscheme
>                              reverse! map
>                              other-conflicting-names))
>    (provide (rename srfi:reverse! reverse!)))

Thanks. I got the hang of that from the docs.

Note that this version requires typing reverse! (and other conflicts)
3 times. Instead, I could create a module "mzscheme-" that doesn't
export the conflicts, then a module "mzscheme+" which

* imports srfi-1 + mzscheme-, and

* exports the conflicts as well as mzscheme-.

> instead of copying the DrScheme tool.

Instead? plt-mzscheme exports only program and argv in addition to mzscheme...

> (Unless of course, you'd like your language to
> be choosable in DrScheme)

Yes, I want it choosable, that's why I added info.ss.

> Note: Adding a new Language to DrScheme will not
> help you make it run in MzScheme.

If MzScheme is the text-mode tool, then I don't mind for now.

-- Dan

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