[plt-scheme] [Ann] Next meeting of the MSLUG

From: Dominique Boucher (schemeway at sympatico.ca)
Date: Sat Oct 21 20:50:44 EDT 2006


The next meeting of the Montreal Scheme/Lisp User Group will be held 
Thursday, October 26th.

Talk: Codewalking square pegs in round holes., by Paul Khuong.


I will describe a lightweight portable codewalker for complete Common 
Lisp, and discuss some of the obstacles to portability. As an 
application, I will describe how continuations can be added to 
(compiled) Common Lisp portably. If there is time left, extensions to 
make functional programming in a Lisp-2 more comfortable may also be 
covered. The talk will be in French with slides in English.

See you there!


Dominique Boucher
The Scheme Way Project

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