[plt-scheme] cutting and pasting snips

From: Prabhakar Ragde (plragde at uwaterloo.ca)
Date: Wed Oct 18 07:07:54 EDT 2006

Robby Findler wrote:

> Seems easy enough to throw wxme-to-text into your script that does the
> printing .... seems like it would work for your purposes. Why not do it?

I probably should, but see below. (And thanks for the drs-to-ps script, 
which I will study and adapt.)

> Disabling it globally seems bad. If you wanted to disable it for your
> course, that's fine (and I gave you some tips in my last message -- but
> I'm loathe to actually post that code, as you might guess!). My
> students use images in the first assignment, and I think that probably
> this is a good way to go for many classrooms. So, you can see I'm
> hesitant to disable it even in the teaching languages.

My first assignment also uses images (and Kathi's fabric teachpack). But 
it's still not necessary to cut them out of the Interactions window and 
paste them into Definitions, and in any case I am not talking about 
images. I am talking about numerical results. I ask them to do something 
like compute taxes in a multi-bracket system, and they create their 
examples and tests by running their code, getting numbers in 
Definitions, cutting them out, and pasting them into an example-comment 
or a Boolean test expression. Except taxes have decimal places, 
typically, and what they paste is not a piece of simple text, but a 
snip. What is the utility of permitting a student to cut a snip 
representing a rational, as opposed to a textual representation of a 
number, out of the Interactions window?

> (And again, let me apologize for the tone of my first reply. I feel
> like a complete ass.)

That's okay. Given the pressures on us, and the weaknesses of this 
medium, we all get a little, er, snippy at times. --PR

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