[plt-scheme] web server location in OpenBSD

From: Tony Sterrett (tonys at sterrett.net)
Date: Mon Oct 16 23:35:21 EDT 2006


I've installed PLT v300 in OpenBSD  3.8. configure make make install.  
All went well. I can't seems to find the
web-server executable

./plt/bin contains -> mred     mzscheme

My search is below and includes web-server with other possible pre/ 
post fixes. I think its called plt-web-server under MacOS.

I check the the archives no luck. This is OpenBSD would FreeBSD be an  
easier fit?
Thanks in Advance.

mail# pwd
mail# find . -name '*web-server*' -print


Tony Sterrett

Sterrett Software, LLC.

Consultant for Open Source Software, Network and Kernel programming,  
featuring OpenBSD, FreeBSD  and Linux.

(858) 433-1467 San Diego
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