[plt-scheme] Change info/rollback question?

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Tue Oct 17 10:47:35 EDT 2006

On Oct 17, Matt Jadud wrote:
> [...]
> This package checked out and ran fine under 352.5, but apparently
> not under 352.7. Should I be watching a changelog that is
> finer-grained than the announcements that Matthew puts out on this
> list? That is, if an entire file goes missing from a collection,
> where is that information noted? Or, has something gone wrong in my
> checkout/configure/make process?

There is no changelog files, the best you have at this level is svn
log messages.  (Perhaps Jay should post such changes when he's doing
them too.)  In this case, I suspect that the log messages would not be
useful since Jay is fond of single-word commit messages.

> Also, I checked http://svn.../tags, and while there are tags for
> "major" versions, there apparently are no tags for "minor" versions
> of the tree.  It wasn't immediately obvious how I could roll my tree
> back to 352.5, and run with that rev.

Minor version bumps happen mostly when there are change in the core.
(In theory, we decided that they could also happen on important-enough
changes in any subsystem, but I don't think that anyone has ever asked
for a version bump for such reasons so far.)  They are therefore as
arbitrary as revision numbers, and you can simply use subversion with
either that, or with a date.

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