[plt-scheme] Module-based web servlet examples

From: Jens Axel Søgaard (jensaxel at soegaard.net)
Date: Tue Oct 17 10:24:26 EDT 2006

Norman Gray skrev:
> Noel and Jens -- thanks for your help, here.
> On 2006 Oct 17, Norman Gray wrote:
>>> Can anyone point me towards examples of module-based servlets within 
>>> the PLT Scheme web server?
> On 2006 Oct 17 , at 12.39, Jens Axel Søgaard wrote:
>> ---
>> Erroneous Xexpr
>> An Xexpr in the servlet is malformed. The exact error is
>> Expected a string, symbol, number, comment, processing instruction, or 
>> list, given #
>> The Full Xexpr Is
>> #
> It looks like there may be something platform-dependent, here (Jens is 
> clearly on Windows, I'm on OS X).

It is more likely it is due to different versions. I ran the
eaxmples on 352.6.

Note: If you have installed 352.6 as a preview version, be careful
that you start the corresponding web-server-text and not the
default one (in my case the v301 web-server-text [that's on
purpose, my web-server still runs 301]).

> Jens described what he did with my example, which worked.  Doing 
> apparently the same thing on my machine failed.  But I think I've 
> isolated a problem.
> The following servlet works:
> (module minimal-servlet mzscheme
>    (provide interface-version timeout start)
>    (require (lib "servlet.ss" "web-server"))
>    (define interface-version 'v1)
>    (define timeout 10)
>    (define (start rq)
>      (define-struct wibble (foo))
>      (let ((w (make-wibble "arg")))
>        `(html
>          (head (title "Minimal servlet"))
>          (body (h1 "Minimal servlet")
>                (p ,(format "~s" w))))))
> )
> But replacing the last item in the Xexpr by (p ,w) hangs in the way I 
> described.  That is, it was the (td ,(request-uri rq)) in my original 
> version that was causing the trouble.
> It appears, therefore, that the code translating the Xexpr to XML might 
> be a little fragile, at least on this platform (a platform dependency 
> here is surely surprising...).

A wibble-struct is not allowed as part of an Xexpr, which is
what you get with: (p ,w). Instead write a wibble->string and
use (p ,(wibble->string w)).

> Jens Axel Søgaard wrote:
>>> Jay: Is the documentation on bindings still up-to-date?
>>> <http://download.plt-scheme.org/doc/352/html/web-server/web-server-Z-H-12.html#node_idx_126> 
>> Nevermind, I found the new documentation here:
>> <http://pre.plt-scheme.org/docs/html/web-server/web-server-Z-H-12.html#node_sec_10.1.2> 
> There might still be a mismatch.  That page documents the 'request' 
> structure as
>     (define-struct request (method uri headers bindings host-ip client-ip))
> But .../PLT\ Scheme\ v352/collects/web-server/request-structs.ss includes
>     (define-struct request (method uri headers/raw bindings/raw
>                                  host-ip host-port client-ip))

 > Ought I to be worried by the mismatch?  I think this is being included
 > by servlet.ss, via servlet-structs.ss, if I'm interpreting the module
 > loading semantics correctly.

I think the definition of request changed from the official 352 and
the SVN version 352.6 I am using. If you stick to the documentation
in the HelpDesk everything ought to fit together.

Sorry for causing any confusion (I was confused myself).

Jens Axel Søgaard

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