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From: Bilal, Haider Z (bilalhz at lsbu.ac.uk)
Date: Thu Oct 12 07:55:44 EDT 2006

Dear Matt and Danny,


Oh dear, I am really sorry, I have received Danny's email but have
missed it as I do get a lot of emails! I have had a flue since the
weekend and still trying to recover. I've been trying to work from my
bed, but not doing a good job :-(

I am not an expert programmer but I'm learning and I do appreciate
your detailed analysis and your time for helping. I will go through it
in detail and will reply back if you don't mind please.


Thank you very much.





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Hi Bilal,


Danny gave you a good, thoughtful reply just a few days ago. If you're

subscribed to the list, and you're asking questions to the list, you 

should watch for replies to your messages.


Danny has already outlined a number of steps you can take, and I

you take everything he said on-board. His advice is, in my experience,

usually quite good. When it isn't "quite good", it's bordering on 

"excellent". If that seems over-the-top, then I'll claim that the word

"thorough" always applies to the answers he provides on-list.





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Subject: Re: [plt-scheme] Scheme Program

Date: Mon, 2 Oct 2006 14:29:16 -0700 (PDT)

From: Danny Yoo <dyoo at hkn.eecs.berkeley.edu>

To: Bilal, Haider Z <bilalhz at lsbu.ac.uk>

CC: plt-scheme at flux.utah.edu


<9FFEE39DADA4A442B06FB5673765F41002847F77 at CSD-EXBE-VS1.lsbu.ac.uk>


> However, this section of the code is not working properly and giving

> the following error: apply: bad procedure: #[undefined]


Hi Haider,


The following is a code review of the code.  Please don't take any of

comments as condemnation against your own person. I'll try to keep

criticism directed at the code.



Code review comments:


     * I tried reading your program.  I suppose I'm not be a Schemer

       but I think the program is, frankly, hard to read.  It's way

       nested for me to read comfortably, and the indentation is in

       that does not seem natural.  Double-spacing Scheme code is not



     * There are superfluous expressions.  Doing a test like:


           (not (equal? (pdg-vertex-ids-killed v) #f))


       can be more simply expressed as:


           (pdg-vertex-ids-killed v)


     * There's a LOT of mutation going on in the code.  Are you sure

       want to do that?  It's really making the code more complicated

       it needs to be.


     * There are subexpressions that basically look like big

       blocks.  Don't copy-and-paste: abstract!  Concretely, the only

       difference I see between


                   (if (pdg-vertex-ids-killed v)


                        (pdg-vertex-ids-killed v)

                        (lambda (y)



                                (file-get-line-num fileuid offset)))

                            (set! linelist

                                  (cons (list line-num y v)






                   (if (pdg-vertex-ids-used v)


                        (pdg-vertex-ids-used v)

                        (lambda (y)



                                (file-get-line-num fileuid offset)))

                            (set! linelist

                                  (cons (list line-num y v)




       is just one minor subexpression.


     * Everything seems to be stuffed in one gargantuan function.

       writing helper functions where it will clarify the code's


     * I see no direct use of APPLY in your code, so something else
must be

       calling it.  Actually, I see a few type errors in the code.


       Concretely: what's the "contract" of ABS-LOC-SET-TRAVERSE?

       your usages of that function: the code is definitely violating 

its use of

       ABS-LOC-SET-TRAVERSE in a few places.




You made the comment:


> However, it gave me wrong output, some had TO and FROM both listed 

> together:


What in the program prevents from happening? From the sequence of



     (if (pdg-vertex-ids-killed (caddr z))

         (abs-loc-set-traverse ...))

     (if (pdg-vertex-ids-used (caddr z))

         (abs-loc-set-traverse ...))


there's nothing in the code that excludes both PDG-VERTEX-IDS-KILLED

PDG-VERTEX-IDS-USED to return true values.



If you are going to write more Scheme code, you might also want to

consider doing a read-through a textbook like HTDP:




If you do so, your programs will tend to have a better design.




I've reformatted your code as best as I can in the context of a PLT

module, to be able to use the Syntax Check tool as well as better see

structure of the program.




(module pdg mzscheme

   ;; Unknown: the following definitions are here only so I can run

   ;; check syntax and see where values are coming from.

   (define (pdg-vertex-set-traverse l f) (void))

   (define (int-pair-set-traverse l f) (void))

   (define (abs-loc-set-traverse l f) (void))

   (define (pdg-vertices pdg) (void))

   (define (pdg-compilation-uid pdg) (void))

   (define (pdg-vertex-pdg pdg) (void))

   (define (pdg-kind pdg) (void))

   (define (pdg-vertex-charpos pdg) (void))

   (define (pdg-vertex-ids-killed pdg) (void))

   (define (pdg-vertex-ids-used pdg) (void))

   (define (file-get-line-num x y) (void))

   (define (sort l cmp) (void))

   (define (sdg-pdgs) (void))



   (define (assignments)


     (define filenumber 1)


     (define (process-pdg pdg)

       (when (eqv? (pdg-kind pdg) 'user-defined)

         (let* ((out-port


                  (string-append "Fun"

                                 (number->string filenumber)


                (linelist ()))


            (pdg-vertices pdg)

            (lambda (v)

              (let* ((fileuid


                       (pdg-vertex-pdg v))))


                 (pdg-vertex-charpos v)

                 (lambda (offset w)

                   (if (pdg-vertex-ids-killed v)


                        (pdg-vertex-ids-killed v)

                        (lambda (y)




                                 fileuid offset)))

                            (set! linelist

                                  (cons (list line-num y v)




                   (if (pdg-vertex-ids-used v)


                        (pdg-vertex-ids-used v)

                        (lambda (y)




                                 fileuid offset)))

                            (set! linelist

                                  (cons (list line-num y v)






           (set! linelist

                 (sort linelist

                       (lambda (a b)

                         (< (cadar a) (cadar b)))))


           (for-each (lambda (z)


                           ((linenum (car z)))

                         (define line-num (car z))

                         (display (cdr line-num) out-port)

                         (write-char #\tab out-port)


                         (if (pdg-vertex-ids-killed (caddr z))


                              (pdg-vertex-ids-killed (caddr z))

                              (display "to" out-port)))


                         (if (pdg-vertex-ids-used (caddr z))


                              (pdg-vertex-ids-used (caddr z))

                              (display "from" out-port)))


                         (newline out-port)))



           (close-output-port out-port))


         (set! filenumber (+ filenumber 1))))


     (for-each process-pdg (sdg-pdgs)))




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