[plt-scheme] obtaining list of opened files in DrScheme

From: Danny Yoo (dyoo at hkn.eecs.berkeley.edu)
Date: Wed Oct 11 15:18:17 EDT 2006

> But if you are trying to capture a list of all open files for a particular 
> DrScheme that's running, I'm not so sure yet; I'm going to have to think 
> about that one some more.

Hi Pedro,

Ok, here's that example I promised you.  It's not just a keymapping, but a 
full-fledged tool.  The way it works is by providing DrScheme with a new 
"editor" mixin.  An editor is what's responsible for working with source 
files, and DrScheme instantiates a new editor instance with each new 
tab/window.  For more information on editors, see:


If we keep track of all instances, somewhere, then we can later query them 
all for their respective filenames.  When we instantiate our tool, we 
introduce our own editor mixin by using 


I have things set up so that, every five seconds, the code prints out the 
list of opened files to standard output.  I know this is a silly thing to 
do, but oh well... *grin* Just to hammer the point in: this code is not 
production quality.

(module tool mzscheme
   ;; This is sample code that shows how to write a tool
   ;; that lists all open files.

   (require (lib "unitsig.ss")
            (lib "class.ss")
            (lib "tool.ss" "drscheme")
            (lib "list.ss"))

   (provide tool@)

   (define all-open-editors empty)

   (define (editor-mixin super%)
     (class super%

       (set! all-open-editors
             (cons this all-open-editors))

       (define/augment (on-close)
         (set! all-open-editors
               (remove this all-open-editors eq?))
         (inner (void) on-close))))

   (define (get-list-of-opened-files)
      (lambda (x) x)
      (map (lambda (editor)
             (send editor get-filename))

   ;; This code is here just to show that we are really tracking
   ;; files:
    (lambda ()
      (let loop ()
        (printf "TESTING: ~a~n" (get-list-of-opened-files))
        (sleep 5)

   (define tool@
     (unit/sig drscheme:tool-exports^
       (import drscheme:tool^)
       (define (phase1)
       (define (phase2) (void)))))

If you want to run this, create a new collection called 'find-open-files' 
with this module, along with an info.ss:

(module info (lib "infotab.ss" "setup")
   (define name "Find Open Files example")
   ;; This is the file which is loaded on the module start.
   (define tools '(("tool.ss")))
   ;; The icon of the project.
   (define tool-names (list "find-open-files"))
   ;; the url of the plugin.
   (define tool-urls (list #f)))

Once you have these two modules in the collection's subdirectory, run 
'setup-plt -l find-open-files'.  The next DrScheme you open up should 
annoyingly print out its opened files every few seconds.  *grin*

Hope this helps!

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