[plt-scheme] The readline collection

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Wed Oct 4 15:20:06 EDT 2006

The readline collection was improved.  The main change is that it
changes the current input port to one that uses readline, so all
inputs go through the same facility.  The default settings should make
it behave as close as possible to plain input use, including "exotic"
REPL use like:

  > (read-line) some random text
  " some random text"

Another important change is that it is now included in the standard
distribution.  It looks like there is some precedence for using
readline in LGPL applications.  The bottom line seems to be that the
application should not link against readline by default -- the
decision for using it is left for the user.  A few relevant URLs that
talk about this:

  http:[email protected]/msg08979.html
    (look for "If your program links with")

     (see warning about *linking* with readline)


  And RMS's reply:

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