[plt-scheme] POPL 2007 Call for Papers

From: Sorin Lerner (lerner at cs.ucsd.edu)
Date: Wed May 31 23:25:51 EDT 2006

*                  ACM SIGPLAN-SIGACT Symposium                     *
*                             on                                    *
*               Principles of Programming Languages                 *
*                                                                   *
*                     January 17-19, 2007                           *
*                        Nice, France                               *
*                                                                   *
*                       Call for Papers                             *
*                                                                   *
*                http://www.cs.ucsd.edu/popl/07                     *

Important dates

* Submission deadline:  05:00 AM @ 15 July, 2006 EST (New York time)
* Submission url: Check the main POPL 2007 website. 
* Author notification:  23 Sept, 2006
* Final paper due:  To be announced.

Scope & Paper Categories

The annual Symposium on Principles of Programming Languages is a forum
for the discussion of fundamental principles and important innovations
in the design, definition, analysis, transformation, implementation
and verification of programming languages, programming systems, and
programming abstractions. Both experimental and theoretical papers are

The Program Committee seeks submissions on the entire range of
topics. Furthermore POPL 2007 is not limited to topics discussed at
previous symposia.

POPL 2007 will include a new category of short papers and short
presentations.  The objective is to provide authors with an
opportunity to present innovative ideas (without working out a full
paper) and to get feedback from a broad audience. Short papers should
therefore emphasize the novelty in their submission over others.

Finally the Program Committee reserves the right to accept long
submissions in both categories, that is, as either regular papers or
as short papers for short presentations. Authors of long submissions
who don't wish to be considered for short presentations and short
papers may indicate so during the submission process.

Submission guidelines

Due date & time: Submissions must be filed at the web site by 5:00 AM
New York time 15 July 2006.

Submission URL: Check the main POPL 2007 website.

Both short and long submissions should use the standard ACM SIGPLAN
conference format.  For detailed style guidelines, see


The page limit for a long submissions is 12 pages; for short
submissions it is 6 pages. The length limits in each category are
strictly enforced.

Submissions will be carried out electronically via the Web, at the URL
given above. Papers must be submitted in PDF format.  They must be
printable on US Letter sized paper. Individuals for which this
requirement is a hardship should contact the program chair at least
one week before the deadline.

Submitted papers must adhere to SIGPLAN's republication policy.
Concurrent submissions to other journals, conferences, workshops, or
similar forums of publication are not allowed. In general, each paper
should explain its contributions in both general and technical terms,
clearly identifying what has been accomplished, explaining why it is
significant, and comparing it with previous work. Authors should
strive to make the technical content of their papers understandable to
a broad audience.

Authors of accepted papers will be required to sign the ACM copyright
form.  Proceedings will be published by ACM Press.

Student Attendees

Students who have a paper accepted for the conference are offered
SIGPLAN student membership free for one year. As members of SIGPLAN
they may apply for travel fellowships from the PAC fund.

Conference Chair

  Martin Hoffmann
  Oettingenstr 67,
  80538, Munich, GERMANY

Program Committee Chair

  Matthias Felleisen
  College of Computer Science
  Northeastern University
  Boston, MA 02115

Program Committee

  Hans     Boehm     HP Laboratories
  Craig    Chambers  U Washington
  Patrick  Cousot    ENS, Paris
  Benjamin Goldberg  NYU, New York
  Andy     Gordon    Microsoft Research, Cambridge
  Dan      Grossman  U Washington
  John     Hatcliff  Kansas State U
  Tom      Henzinger EPFL, Lausanne
  Paul     Hudak     Yale
  Mark     Jones     Portland State University, Portland
  Gabriele Keller    University of New South Wales
  Oege     de Moor   Oxford
  Eliot    Moss      U Massachusetts, Amherst
  Benjamin Pierce    U Pennsylvania
  Jakob    Rehof     Universitat Dortmund
  Olin     Shivers   Georgia Tech, Atlanta
  Scott    Smith     Johns Hopkins, Baltimore
  Kevin    Sullivan  U Virginia
  Carolyn  Talcott   SRI International
  David    Walker    Princeton

Affiliated Events

* Declarative Aspects of Multicore Programming (DAMP)
     * January 16th, 2007

* Foundations and Developments of Object-Oriented Languages (FOOL/WOOD)
     * January 20, 2007

* Partial Evaluation and Semantics-Based Program Manipulation (PEPM)
     * January 15-16, 2007

* Practical Applications of Declarative Languages (PADL)
     * January 14-15, 2007

* Programming Language Technologies for XML (PLAN-X)
     * January 20, 2007

* Types in Language Design and Implementation (TLDI)
     * January 16, 2007

* Verification, Model Checking and Abstract Interpretation (VMCAI)
     * January 14-16, 2007

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