[plt-scheme] ANN: MzRun

From: Paulo J. Matos (pocmatos at gmail.com)
Date: Tue May 30 12:30:59 EDT 2006

Hi all,

I've recently tried fluxbox window manager. Coming from KDE I was used
to get a runner GUI with WindowsKey + R. Fluxbox has fbrun which is
too simplistic. So I started MzRun.

You can check it out in my page downloads section: http://sat.inesc-id.pt/~pocm

Moreover, you obviously need mzc to compile it. mzc 301 stable will
generate a segfaulted executable, as will mzc3m.

As a side note, I'm quite curious to know how the fluxbox people will
react to my announcement email on their mailing list, which asked me
for the app source. Obviously I indicated they needed to PLT-Scheme
installed to compile this. Let's see if that scares them away... I do
hope not!

Another thing, I've packaged it with a very, very simple and sad
makefile that will just call mzc3m on the source. Any
comments/suggestions on how to package this kind of thing for
non-scheme people would be great. Probably using autotools which seems
to be pretty standard in unix... (for windows people, I don't think
they need it since they have the windows Run...)

Paulo Jorge Matos - pocm at sat inesc-id pt
Web: http://sat.inesc-id.pt/~pocm
Computer and Software Engineering

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