[plt-scheme] process.ss bug

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Mon May 29 11:23:44 EDT 2006

On May 29, Paulo J. Matos wrote:
> Hi all, (DrScheme, version 301.16-svn25may2006)
> (let-values ([(stdout stdin pid stderr proc) (process "/usr/bin/ls")])
>     (printf "DONE!"))
> This results in:
> context (lexical binding) expected 5 values, received 1 value:
> (#<input-port:subprocess-stdout> #<output-port:subprocess-stdin> 13702
> #<input-port:subprocess-stderr> #<procedure:control>)
> A bug?

No -- `process' is the backward-compatible procedure, which returns a
*single* list value with 5 values.  `subprocess' is the built-in
procedure that returns multiple values.

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