[plt-scheme] 301.16 Planet Command Line Problem

From: Williams, M. Douglas (M.DOUGLAS.WILLIAMS at saic.com)
Date: Thu May 25 16:23:43 EDT 2006

The problem seems to be in the pack.ss file in the setup collection.  In the
pack-plt procedure, the call to simplify-path returns #f for (simplify-path
"." #f) which is in turn passed into mztar where the file-exists? test
errors (since #f is not a path or a string).  I'm not sure if this is a new
behavior or not.


In any case, it seems that wrapping the mztar call like this:


                  (let ((simplified-path (simplify-path path #f)))

                    (if simplified-path

                        (mztar (simplify-path path #f) fileout filter


Fixes the problem, but that might not be the 'correct' fix.





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With 301.16 when I try to create a planet collection from the command line
with 'planet -c <dir>', I get the following error:


file-exists?: expects argument of type <path or string>; given #f


A .plt with 0 bytes is created.




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