[plt-scheme] 301.16

From: Williams, M. Douglas (M.DOUGLAS.WILLIAMS at saic.com)
Date: Thu May 25 11:35:48 EDT 2006


I am having a problem with my code that uses the plot collection (via the
simulation collection) in 301.16.  I get the following error message:

build-path: absolute path "C:\Program
" cannot be added to the path "C:\Documents and Settings\w..."

I've attached two example programs - I run them under the 'Pretty Big'
language level.  Example-3 is a short example, while model-2a is more

I am running under Windows XP and have not tried it under Linux yet.


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> MzScheme and MrEd are now version 301.16 in the SVN repository trunk.
> This is most of the last step that I promised in the 301.15
> announcement:
>  http://list.cs.brown.edu/pipermail/plt-scheme/2006-May/013023.html
> Changes:
>  * Under Unix, when you create a executable with `mzc --[gui-]exe',
>    the resulting executable is a wrapper for MzScheme or MrEd, instead
>    of a copy of the MzScheme of MrEd executable.
>    This change may seem like a step backward, because it makes the
>    generated executable dependent on another executable. However, this
>    change is consistent with the fact that generated Windows and Mac OS
>    X executables are dependent on shared libraries --- as are Unix
>    executables when built with --enable-shared.
>    To get the old behavior back, use mzc's new --orig-exe flag, but
>    probably you want the next bullet, instead...
>  * Added a new mode to the mzc: --exe-dir. Given a target directory and
>    one or more executables generated with --[gui-]exe, it combines the
>    executables with any needed DLLs, frameworks, or shared libraries,
>    so that the resulting package can be moved to any machine.
>    For Windows, executables are put directly into the package
>    directory, and DLLs go into a "lib" sub-directory.
>    For Mac OS X, MrEd executables go into the package directory,
>    MzScheme executables go into a "bin" subdirectory, and frameworks go
>    into a "lib" sub-directory. As a special case, if the package has a
>    single MrEd executable, then the "lib" directory is hidden inside
>    the application bundle.
>    For Unix, executables go into a "bin" subdirectory, shared libraries
>    (if any) go into a "lib" subdirectory, and the wrapped executables
>    are placed into a "lib/plt" subdirectory with version-specific
>    names. This is consistent with FHS, and it means that packages can
>    be safely unpacked into, say, /usr/local.
>    The package also has a "collects" directory that is used as the main
>    "collects" for the packaged executables. Currently, the "collects"
>    directory is empty, but mzc will soon let you supply directories to
>    populate the package's "collects" directory. In particular, you'll
>    be able to package multiple executables that share collection-based
>    libraries.
>    The "collects" directory is in "lib/plt/<X>", where "<X>" is the
>    name of the first packaged executable (sans suffix). Again, the
>    "<X>" means that packages with potentially colliding collections can
>    be safely unpacked in the standard place.
>    The Scheme interface to the new functionality is in
>    "distribute.ss" from the "setup" collection.
>  * An executable created with --[gui-]exe ignores PLTCOLLECTS and the
>    user-specific "collects" directory, because an executable packaged
>    for separate distribution shouldn't act like part of a PLT Scheme
>    installation. To get the old behavior back, use --ccf -U.
>  * Added `use-user-specific-search-path' and a -U command-line flag to
>    MzScheme/MrEd. These are used in the implementation of the previous
>    bullet.
>  * `system-type' now accepts an optional symbol argument --- one of
>    'os, 'machine, or 'link --- instead of an optional boolean.
> Matthew
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