[plt-scheme] read-decimal-as-inexact

From: rocky (rocky at argentafalls.com)
Date: Sat May 20 21:26:46 EDT 2006

>Somewhere between v209 and v301, read-decimal-as-inexact was changed.
>I used to be able to set it to #f in my .mzschemerc or in a module,
>but now if I set it #f in a module, it is still #t in my main file.
>Strangely, print-graph and print-struct don't have this problem, and
>I can set them in other files.
>Is this a bug or a "feature"?

Yup, I can't even (load "a_setupfile") that will change
read-decimal-as-inexact to #f.  The best I can do is to define a
function in a separate file, "require" it, and then run the function:

(require "setup.ss")

It's as though read-decimal-as-inexact was a "buffer-local" variable
(to use emacs terminology), and whenever I change it in another file
it can't get "out".  What I need is:

(setq-default 'read-decimal-as-inexact nil)

But, as I said before, print-graph and print-struct don't have this


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