[plt-scheme] praise to PLT

From: Matthias Felleisen (matthias at ccs.neu.edu)
Date: Tue May 16 23:06:19 EDT 2006

On May 16, 2006, at 9:02 PM, jos.koot at tiscali.nl wrote:

> ----Oorspronkelijk bericht----
> Van: eli at barzilay.org
> Datum : 17/05/2006 2:15
> Aan: "jos.koot at tiscali.nl"<jos.koot at tiscali.nl>
> Onderw: Re: [plt-scheme] praise to PLT
> On May 16, jos.koot at tiscali.nl wrote:
>>  Did you talk to Mattias Felleisen or the other Mattias I frequently
>> see on the PLT list too? Anyway, cary my regards to Matthias
>> Felleisen when you may happen to meet him, please.
> Yes, I talked to Matthias Felleisen -- I'm working with him in
> Northeastern.  This morning I talked to him about this problem and
> mentioned your name -- and he went and pulled out the Little Lisper
> and showed me the back...
> <<<< Well, what can I say? It is nice to be remembered. Please give
> him my regards, for he tought me a lot. I owe him and Danial Friedman a
> lot. I hope you dont mind me ccing this message to the PLT list so
> Matthias receives it too. Best wishes to you, Matthias.!

Yes, it's me. And I didn't know there was another Matthias on this 
list. But there is a Matthew, which is close enough.

It's good to know you're still a Schemer after almost 20 years. I was 
very happy to be able to show Eli the back of The Littler LISPer (Trade 
Edition). It is not too often that a "book fan" writes letters in the 
peculiar style of the book.

I am glad you're having a good time with PLT Scheme. We built it for 
you and all the other students of good programming and the people who 
use it for elegance, fun, productivity, curiosity, and even for those 
who are porting the hygienic macro system to C# 4.0 (just in case Don 
Box is lurking here somewhere).

-- Matthias

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