[plt-scheme] praise to PLT

From: jos.koot at tiscali.nl (jos.koot at tiscali.nl)
Date: Mon May 15 06:01:00 EDT 2006

Thanks, but unfortunately csu660.plt does not install on my PC. I dont 
know why.
Best wishes, Jos Koot

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Van: eli at barzilay.org
Datum : 15/05/2006 4:15
Aan: "jos.koot at tiscali.nl"<jos.koot at tiscali.nl>
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Onderw: Re: [plt-scheme] praise to PLT
You might be interested in my Lazy Scheme -- it's implementing enough
of MzScheme and pretty big to write useful code in.  It's part of my
course plugin at


It also contains a language level called "Schlac" which is similar to
yours but more extreme: ETC

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