[plt-scheme] srfi 1 impl: delete-duplicates!, append! - bugs?

From: Igor Mikhailov (imikhailov at jnetx.ru)
Date: Wed May 10 12:15:40 EDT 2006

Jacob Matthews escribió:
> Igor Mikhailov wrote:
>> I can not understand, is these bugs or features?
> Features. The append! and delete-duplicates! functions still _return_ 
> the relevant result rather than mutating their argument into that result 
> --- the difference between the ! versions and the non-! versions is that 
> the ! versions are allowed to mutate their arguments however they'd like 
> in the process (presumably to make them faster or more memory-efficient).

Thank you very much.
I have missed that key word is _allowed_ to mutate, not _required_ to 


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