[plt-scheme] Re: [Off] Interchange Language

From: George Herson (gherson at snet.net)
Date: Tue May 9 10:29:38 EDT 2006


You may be interested in MetaL
(http://meta-language.net/).  Manuel Lemos actually
has it working so that you can specify programs in XML
and then output, from one source file, equivalent PHP
or Java. But I haven't used it so I don't know how
full the coverage is.  

George Herson

--- Erich Rast <erich at snafu.de> wrote:

> >
> > I assume that you mean for the interchange
> language/library format to 
> > actually be human readable (otherwise how is would
> your system differ 
> > from JVM/CLR?).  So working under that assumption.
> . .
> >
> > Jeffrey Mark Siskind gave a presentation
> describing a similar system 
> > back at NEPLS in October
> >
> >
> Thanks for the info, Siskind's proposal looks
> interesting, but isn't 
> really what I was looking for.
> Yes, it would preferably be human-readable, using
> XML as format with a 
> presumably long lifespan. But there shouldn't be any
> mechanisms for 
> distributed computing or source code distribution or
> mappings to other 
> languages. Designers of other languages could choose
> to write a 
> compiler from an interchange language layer to their
> own language and 
> possibly back from a subset of their language to the
> interchange 
> language, so people can contribute algorithms in
> their favorite 
> language.
> As opposed to JVM/CLR, there would be no virtual
> machine or other kind 
> of virtualization (like a JIT compiler). It would be
> a pure algorithm 
> and datastructure specification language. The idea
> is that a language A 
> that implements a layer B of the interchange
> language must be able to 
> compile, interpret, or in any other way run any code
> written in B 
> exactly according to the specification of B. That's
> it. No more, no 
> less.
>   Anyway, I'm neither computer nor rocket scientist
> and busy with my own 
> work, so it was just meant as a suggestion for
> someone else to pick up.
> Best regards,
> Erich
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